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(noun) 1. The radius that cannot be crossed when dealing with a llama. Upon getting too close to a llama, said animal will act unpredictably. 2. A person's personal space. Upon trespassing into this zone without permission may cause said person to act in an unpleasant manner towards the trespasser. Syn: Comfort Zone, Elbow Room
Example 1:

Irrational Zoo Patron: "Here, llama, llama, llama..." *moves in to pet llama on top of head*
Llama: *spitting blood from eyes; stomping on IZP's feet, then naughty-bits, then face* "SCREEEEE!!!! SCREEEEE!!!"
Quizzical Zoo Patron: "Dude, what happened here?"
Aloof Zoo Patron: "Dumb-ass bastard - he breached the llama bubble"

Example 2:

Slightly Drunk Party-Goer: "Oh, wow, dude - is that leather?" *touches Exceedingly Drunk Party-Goer's jacket sleeve*
Exceedingly Drunk Party-Goer: "What the f^<{, brah? Do I even know you?" *proceeds to get Medieval on llama bubble offender*
Slightly High Party-Goer: "Why is that dude getting his beer crammed in his ass?"
Exceedingly High Party-Goer: "Awww, dude, I saw the whole thing! The one dude with the beercan in his ass comes up to the other dude in the suede jacket and, like, gets all in his llama bubble..."
by jawasan January 16, 2008
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