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1. Synonym to liquid courage.
The lowering of inhibitions while under the influence of alcohol.

2. Another term for "beer goggles" where an individual is willing to cross the barrier with a normally "untouchable" individual only under the circumstance of extreme inebriation.

3. Often used as the gender specific term for men being more readily to talk with women while they are inebriated. Coincides with the term liquid cravery, which is usually used as the gender specific term for women who are aroused while drunk.
1. I can't believe we got Poindexter to dance the robot out on the floor.

Hey, anything is possible with just a little liquid bravery.

2. I wouldn't touch that ogre with your pole. That takes some serious liquid bravery to man up and plow that malodorous lard bucket.

3. It's the perfect night to smash some hotties. We're all drunk. We've got liquid bravery, and those broads have liquid cravery.
by cali spain April 22, 2011
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