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The epitome of human evolution, the final stage of the Higgs Boson development program. Thought to be a myth, some Japanese companies have created games after such a being, known as Pokemon. The Irish believe him to be the Loch Ness monster. The americans believe him to be the Chupacabra. The god Zeus, worshipped in Greek times, was his footstool. Jesus studied under this great being. The sum accumulation of human and godlike knowledge embodied within the rectum of this magnificent being. Teacher of Gandhi, mentor to Bush, financier of Mugabe, master of Bruce Lee. Vanquisher of the demonic plague known as Guan Kiong Teh (please refer to definition "Guan Kiong Teh).
"Thou hast been Lim Zhi Hua'd", proclaimed Morgan Freeman to the dinosaurs at 66666666 BC.

"Leave me be foul beast!" shrieked Vani "Satan" Sound in its demonic throne.
"You shall not pass! Unless you are Zhi Hua" preached Saint Peter, commonly known as Gandalf.
"That idiot Zhi hua will never find me here!" Dumbly stated Osama bin Laden, seconds before he was killed.

"My dt department is better than this "Zhi Hua!" exclaimed the idiot Anirudh moments before his PS3 broke.

"I'm better than you in dota nub" mumbled Roshan "ChunkySalsa" Devanetthehthtehth before his Dota uninstalled itself.
"Lol" lolled Teck Shuen Tan pointing his finger at the 2 Zhi Hua got for his ITGS IA.
by Lee Sin October 01, 2013
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