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Lilian smith is the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet. Just warning you she might have a really bad RBF but that’s normal. She’s kind of shy but once you get to know her she is super funny and outgoing. Don’t make her mad, because when she’s mad she’s mad mad! She hates any fake, backstabbing, or annoying people. If you’re on her good side you’re probably one of the few people she can trust but if you’re on her bad side she probably just doesn’t get a good vibe. She’s never afraid to speak her mind, but when it comes to talking to new people she’s super scared. Lilian Smith is probably one of the realist friends you’ll ever have. NEVER TAKE HER FOR GRANTED.
Yeah that’s a Lilian Smith, she’s kind of shy but super outgoing.

Don’t mess with Lilian Smith it probably won’t end well!
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by Supergirl3000 September 16, 2019
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