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a great cheap way to smoke weed. take a simple 60 watt burnt out lightbulb and take the black thing off of the top with a screwdriver or plyers. then break all the shit out of the inside( be careful here) and wash the white stuff find a a pop bottle, and a pen. take the pen apart so all you have is the hollow tube where the ink thing was. then take the pop bottle cap and cut a hole just big enough so the pen body will go through. wait for the lightbulb to dry, cant have any water inside. when it is dry, put a small amount a marijuana inside(make sure you break it up real nice) and screw on the bottle cap, it fits perfectly. then take a candle and light it and hold the lightbulb about half an inch off the flame.NEVER HOLD IT ON THE FLAME this makes the weed catch fire and the smoke is very harsh.the whole idea behind a vaporizer is that you dont burn the weed, just the THC. when you start to see something like smoke(THC) coming out of the weed then shake it alittle and breath slowly thru the hollow pen, you can hardly feel it but your getting a huge ass hit, you can to it anywhere in your house because it does not leave a smell at all. after you use it for awhile, it will become "dirty". dont wash it out, the stuff on the sides is THC, just hold the lightbulb to the side and use it like you would if there were weed in it, awesome high from the sides!
all in all it takes maybe 20 min to do and it will last a long time and gets you the highest you've ever been. if i had to spend 20 min of my life on anything, it would be this.
Me and Nick didnt feel like leaving the house at night so we just got the lightbulb vaporizer out and got fucked up right there in my living room.
by Mr. 420 July 22, 2006
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