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Light Horror is a division in the Horror genre that categorizes horror movies from the early days of cinema, to the 1970s. The characteristics of such films, are their slow pace action, rare jump-scares, and scenes of contemporary life. They are mostly from easy to moderate to watch, and can be at times relaxing or very fun. One example would be the 70s TV series - Kolchak: Night Stalker.

The other side of the division, Heavy Horror, is on the other hand very fast paced, and doesn't give you any room to breathe. Heavy Horror features films which are very grim, dark, and show a whole slew of plots which basically have many flaws in them, and have no explainable ending. They are in essence, the film/comic/stand-alone drawing artist's attempt to create something which they think is so profound, when it's really just disturb-fucking-scary.
That recent movie, "Les Vampires", was such a light horror film.
by Plums-Under-The-Dates July 16, 2015
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