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An unbelievably nasty fart, whether on purpose or just bubbled it's way out of the public etiquette dissenters ass, that is a public killer worse than anthrax, SARS, avian bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, cancer, west nile virus and AIDS combined and especially worse when silent.

Coined from the time I went with a friend of mine to the library so he could renew his library card and rent music CDs and while bent over I started to smell an odor so foul it had to have come from a fat person's ass so I look over at him to whisper if he farted and smiled only to say "Yeah! Hehehe!" I had to move away from the immediate radius for fear of nuclear radiation that silently crept from his ass.

It's a nasty public fart.
Jesus, what's with the library air? Noone wants to smell your last taco!
by Jack694 December 05, 2009
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