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Liberals constantly preach a mantra of higher taxes, gun control, more socialism etc., etc., But the many who are individuals, business owners and politicians then practice the exact opposite.
Libpocrisy, Libpocrites.

Warren Buffet, who built his fortune on structured tax avoidance by placing businesses he purchased inside the capital reserves of his insurance company, Berkshire Hathaway, capital reserves are not taxed. BH trades life insurance products for entire businesses, so that heirs escape inheritance taxes. Yet Warren Buffet who has never paid taxes on most of his BH stock calls for more taxes on the wealthy like himself, when in fact higher taxes will benefit his business. Then he will donate the bulk of his fortune to charities and not the IRS National Debt Account.

Al Gore calling for higher taxes but then tries to sell his interest in Current TV before 2013 and higher capital gains taxes.

Hollywood demanding gun control, while promoting movies with gratuitous gun and sex violence.

Damaging the environment by blocking new technologies, like the Integral Fast Reactor and Clean Coal. So that we have to limp along with antiquated nuclear reactors and coal fired plants.

Democrat politicians who go to work for and serve their own workers at the expense of everyone else. One gives the other campaign cash and in return gets pay, health and pensions we the people all of the people pay for but do not get ourselves. Illegal and prosecutable in the private sector.

Freeing lunatics from State Hospitals and then blaming guns when they murder. CMHA1963 and Addington V. Texas and the ACLU fighting against the expansion of Involuntary Civil Commitments.
by libsarehypocrites January 06, 2013
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