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A term used to describe the consistent bias affecting news stories on the American television networks' news departments, CNN, major news magazines such as *Time* and *Newsweek,* and newspapers in several big American cities, especially the *New York Times.* The term 'liberal' here is used in the contemporary sense of social democracy or democratic socialism along with a selective conception of civil liberties that further the social goals of the moderate left.

Bias by these media outlets is shown in assuming in their reports the rightness of State action to force people into more egalitarian patterns of living including income and wealth redistribution, forced racial integration, egalitarian pluralism in terms of selective cultures and life-styles including perversions such as homosexuality. They also tend to be ill-informed or hostile toward traditional religion, especially Christianity.

Frequently, the leftist bias comes out in not reporting stories that fail to reinforce their point of view, such as IRS harassment of innocent people, the practical, verifiable benefits of religious belief, the decrease in poverty before The Great Society and the lack of progress after its implementation, the benefits of tax cuts and decreased regulation to the economy, Robert Putnam's study showing that greater "diversity" fosters social isolation. Questions to the president or other prominent policy makers or advisers are overwhelmingly framed in terms of why are these people not doing more to implement the News Media's agenda.

Conservative or more radical leftist positions are actively suppressed, ignored, or vilified by these major news organizations. They tend to view this informal censorship as being "responsible." They seem to view themselves as the "keeper of the flame" of democratic socialism that began in the U.S. with the New Deal and continues today through the modern Democratic Party and "progressive" politicians, judges, and celebrities. 'Progressive' in this context means greater government power to achieve as much equality of result as possible. They see conservatives and common sense, traditional Americans as crypto-Nazis. They oppose the far left due to their perception that those who are more consistent in espousing their political philosophy will discredit their more incremental approach to reach the same goals.

Those who question the existence of the liberal news media fall into the same blind-spots as reporters, anchors, and editors themselves fall into. They do not question what seems reasonable to themselves. For example, why would anyone in their right mind question the need for a minimum wage law? Well, there are two sides, at least, to this issue. For instance, higher minimum wage laws can create unemployment among the unskilled. But those with such closed minds do not even consider that there might be problems with their policy prescriptions based on what they see as an unquestionable political philosophy.
"Is the news on?"
"Yes, I am watching Pravda...errr...I am mean NBC, part of the vast liberal news media."
by Tex in Tex January 24, 2008
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A inaccurate term to describe the Corporate media which tends to have range of similar but different baises. Corporate News does have a unfair bias but it does not lean to the left.
They tend to endorse Corporate conservatism while leaning very little to the left on Social Issues. However when you look at News Talk shows on the Radio and TV the overwelming amount of host are Conservative or Moderate Conservative.

The Liberal News Media is generally used to cry conspiracy when article comes out that gives critical feed back on Conservative policies.
See Conspiracy Theory
Conservative: That damn Liberal News Media!

Liberal: Dude Conservatives have a Monopoly on News Talk shows. Further-more most Liberals don't trust the corporate media. You need to take your news with a grain of salt.
Just because it doesn't endorses you world view does not make it liberal
by Truth Shall Set You Free February 02, 2008
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A mythical boogeyman trotted out by Right wing *think* tanks, Republican politicians, and others who continue to champion failed policies and ideologies, despite their empirically proven ineffectiveness

A straw man used by Republicans in an attempt to rationalize their repudiation by the American voting public

A tool for mitigating the cognitive dissonance experienced by those who claim to represent “American Values,” yet are rejected by the actual American people. See also “Real America

Boy, it’s a good thing the Liberal News Media relentlessly investigated those false claims of WMDs’ isn’t it? Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of people would have died needlessly and we would have been stuck in a hellish war for at least a decade!
by roadscrawler April 29, 2009
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