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Kind, loving and out going. Also, fearful of nothing and nobody. He's a law unto himself and nobody stirs him to move. Smart-ass and the toughest cookie on the block, he does what he can to protect the ones he loves. He's no player but a pimp indeed. He's kind but could also kill you with his words, which are smoother than your cream cheese spread on your bagel. Your mothers are not safe around him as he is carnivore incarnate and will tear your heart to pieces as he devours her. A team player and a player of the team, he excels in all sports and does his best to remain on top. Highly academically inclined and will make even Einstein look like Jacob Zuma. He loves all and is at peace with himself. He's not phased by anyone as their thoughtless opinions of him are nothing to him. His ways are described to be close to godly but also is a God fearing man. He's nobody to mess with but to call in a time of need.
by Another Saint June 12, 2017
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