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LG/LG refers to a kind of Adult Little Girl relationship like these, which are types of BDSM relationships:

DD/LG (Daddy Dom / Adult Little Girl) MD/LG (Mommy Domme / Adult Little Girl) CG/L (Care Giver / Adult Little) . This acronym is (Adult Little Girl / Adult Little Girl) which is a relationship between 2 adult women who love to be in touch with their inner child together.

LG/LG is a part of the Littles Community for adults that love to live a lifestyle of being completely young at heart in their free time, which they call their "Little Space". It can be between a romantic relationship, or friends. It can also be a kink, lifestyle, or hobby. It's not a BDSM relationship like the others since it doesn't have a dominant partner.

Me, and my girlfriend are in a LGLG relationship.
Me, and my girlfriend are in a LG/LG relationship.
by Miss Star Child October 03, 2017
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