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LeTerran is a name of rarity. A special combination of two other names from people who genuinely loved them. Meeting a LeTerran is like getting to see a lunar eclipse every 100 years; its weird, its insane and u kinda question why it's made that way. LeTerran is a person of high standing morals who will do whatever it takes to make a mark wherever they go. They don't allow ANYONE to walk all over them or disrespect them or their loved ones. When LeTerrans see something or someone doing wrong, they WILL fo something about it. LeTerrans are notoriously known for their independence and their need for space. If you bother them or get in their nerves, LeTerran will hurt you to a point where you will never want to hang with them again. LeTerrans usually have a "IDGAF" attitude towards most things that are a waste of time or dont make any sense. They don't like people who have no sense of motivation or morals and someone who's too oversensitive and emotional. These are not the only personality traits of LeTerrans. LeTerrans are very friendly and very rambunctious. Becoming friends with a LeTerran is generally a cool and casual experience, of course if u have a few lines crossed, they will untangle them for u. Once you have a LeTerran's heart, she/he is down for u like 4 flat tires. They will do ANYTHING for u, but they wont play the fool. These people may be weird but they truly are down to earth
by Aflackmesempai July 22, 2019
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