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Ancient peasants that made their way to royalty, doing whatever was necessary. 1/3 % become royal by being the best at sports or were gifted in other genres. The other 2/3 % were believed to stole the crown by dueling the prince (king if no son) & defeating them. Ancient thieves, drug dealers, gamblers, even expert fighters in some countries. (Gladiators, Samurai, Knights,and other warriors like that.
Peasant goes to army, works way up to general and takes over. Or Ancient warrior games undefeated champion. ( think of a pawn that goes all the way across to become a queen, it went left and right to take some pieces out. But rarley they go straight to the other side. A pawn becoming royalty is an example of a leopard Shephard. Noun , adjective.
by Leopard Shephard April 22, 2015
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