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Left Lane Jackass (LLJ): A person driving in the left lane on a highway either at the speed limit or usually slightly below the limit AND the following conditions are present: 1) Another car or cars is behind them wanting to go faster; 2) The person driving is completely unaware of his or her surroundings.

The following conditions are not necessary for the definition, but are frequently observed: There is a blinker flashing and the driver is completely unaware of it and has no intention of changing lanes, and 2) The driver may be talking on a cell phone, putting on make-up, or daydreaming.

Supporting evidence includes: The drivers behind the LLJ appear pissed off, and 2) drivers behind the LLJ are usually tail-gaiting and flashing their lights, however, this usually has no effect, due to condition #2 of the definition.
Passenger: "Hey, is there a traffic jam ahead?"
Driver: No, it's another left lane jackass.
Passenger: Just get a little closer to him, I'm sure he'll move over when he notices us.
Driver: He's frigging clueless, and doesn't even know that I'm 12 inches from his bumper. I think he's talking on his cell phone.
by MeDavebo September 29, 2014
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