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The best person to ever live. She gets any guys she wants always. She always has plenty of finger cots to use with a guy. She ends up being in bed with a lot of guys anyways. She is super pretty and everyone ends up being friends with her because of how charming she is overall. She can get very wild to if you know what i mean;) She is very smart and is always good with due dates in school and will pass every test. she is super good at the arts (especially piano). She uses finger cots in school a lot because all the guys want her;) She is truly an amazing person that is always playing hard to get with boys but if she is in your life, keep her there. trust me.
Boy 1: did you see lea today?
Boy 2: Yea! She's so pretty! I had to take some lotion with me into the boys bathroom after she walked into math if you know what i mean;)
Boy 1: omg same! She's so hot
Boy 2: I heard that a guys name was at her house last night
Boy 1: I want lea frost so badly!👅
by Leakat June 05, 2017
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