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Not quite french, but Americans use the term along with the phrase "raptor 5" quite often to replace a strong feeling of emotion that would be obvious to an onlooker, given the context..

Le pop shari, is used to fill an awkward silence or to say hello or goodbye in a text or online chatbox.

A person who uses the phrase le pop shari also uses the phrase "baby time happiness" often to exclaim, i'm sooo happy right now! "baby time love" is also used to exclaim "i love that!"
There are no limits to the ways "le pop shari" can be be effectively used.

1. when an attractive person walks by, one might raise a brow to a friend and say "le pop shari", while gazing onward.

2. When a friend says anything to you, and a response is not immediately available or you would rather change the subject, just say "le pop shari." Two things will happen, they'll ask you what it means and you can say its french -- even though its not -- or they will ignore you and the conversation will end.
by Apollo Achilles January 13, 2012
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