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He is a charmer but his charm usually wears off when his mask falls off. He has low self-esteem and hence cheats on his spouse. He feels better when he sleeps with prostitutes because that’s the only level of intimacy he can have. He acts like sweetest person but Latheef’s are the ones who physically abuse their spouse behind close doors. He is one of the biggest Narcs, after the abuse he may buy his spouse expensive shit to make her feel better.
Example: Hey, Girl, stay clear of Latheef.

Example: Hey, there are many Latheefs on dating apps, be careful.

Prostitute: I’m not finding a Latheef, slow business tonight.

Girl to her potential partner: I hope you are not a Latheef.

Social worker: I had to deal with so many latheefs today, finally got them all arrested.
by Beetroot_halwa May 24, 2018
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