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noun, potentially a verb last bich ef-fert: That person I met online, hung out with a few times and drops off the face of the Earth. All of a sudden they resurface after a few weeks with an "explanation". Usually with the "I wasn't ready" excuse.
Me:"You know that guy I slept with a few weeks ago and really liked but he decided to hit it and quit it".
Friend: " Yeah"
Me: "Well I finally heard from him yesterday-he said 'I am not really good at this and just not ready for it. It's not fair and I'm sorry'."
Friend: "What the hell does that mean? Why did he even contact you again after you stopped talking to him"
Me: "Not sure, but it was probably just a 'last bitch effort' because there were no other takers either".
by jennib36 August 10, 2015
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