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Landon Joshua is sweet boy who loves animals and his girlfriend. he is quiet and reserved and usually keeps his emotions bottled up and to himself, but if you get to know him, he'll tell you everything. he will never know how incredible and loving he is. He is mentally and physically strong. He is very stubborn and hard headed in arguments but is most likely to be the one that ultimately feels bad and apologizes. his friends adore him, but he doesn't know. he has the biggest heart and the kindest eyes. it's hard to keep the girls off him, but his girlfriend will never have to worry because no one will be as loyal as he. he's an incredible runner and is the fastest on the track team, especially on hurdles. Landon Joshua will never know just how amazing he is and everyone wishes he would.
Landon Joshua's girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the world
by noturmomsmom June 02, 2016
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