Okay, we have all heard of the town Ladera Ranch. We’ve heard about the moms and the dads and the teens. We’ve not heard much about the children.

These children are little pests. They think if they say “Ur Hair is NOT on fleek!” That you will cry your eyes out. They are definitely showing that they were born after 2006.

“Follow me on Musically!” “Omg did you see what she posted on Musically?!” That is their LIFE. MUSICALLY IS WHAT THEY ALL DO.

They act as if they are all teens. EVEN THE KINDERGARTENERS. I have experience with one of those sassy kids. They are loud and obnoxious and honestly someone needs to pop this bubble that is surrounding them or I will call Kristen Bell to call them basic and she can pop their bubbles. Gosh
by Someone you know or not February 25, 2018
The most horrible creatures imaginable. Emotionally infantile, self-obsessed, ignorant monsters bred for a life of hedonism by Ladera Moms. They infest and ruin all places within range of their eBikes and skateboards. The girls embody and aspire to dumb blonde stereotypes while the boys are similarly craven to either elitist jock or stoned surfer kakistocracy. No value can be squeezed from the lives of these soulless denizens.
Conversation in Ladera Ranch.
Q: Hey you want to get lunch at Board and Brew?
A: Let’s go down to San Clemente, I don’t want to run into any Ladera Kids at this one?
by Andrew Grey February 5, 2022