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An amazing beautiful young woman that at times overreacts. She has crazy and loud characteristics. She is very social. She is not like others. She's different. She falls too hard and doesn't think too much. All in all she's special and different.
by thatyoungkid February 09, 2014
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She is very funny and sociable . She has the best laugh in history and the easily capable to make friends. A lot of times she is found laughing or listening to music . She is not afraid to not be with the crowd . She doesn't let anyone run over her ever . And she always ready to fight . Which means she can win almost all her fights . She doesn't like loud noises or people making loud noises . She loves to listen to Kodak . She has a wide variety of shoes because she likes to shoes. She isn't a girly girl but she is tomboy and isn't scared to admit that . She loves to rock her puff . But she still loves to get her hair done . Don't talk about her family unless u want her to get on u
Laniya has a cute puff
by Babygirl_naia March 02, 2017
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She is a smart beautiful young woman she loves everyone she have a little attitude she’s kind but a little bossy
by Naiya s July 25, 2018
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LaNiya is a lit but often lazy person who cares for people and might not show it in a normal way. But she does have a great sense of humor and loves music. She is the person you want to be around all of the time.
She is the life the party, such a LaNiya.
by 0fficial.niya115 May 10, 2018
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Laniya is a bad ass motherfucker . She don't tolerate shit from no body .She is very mean and solid. She may even be bipolar but she also a loving and caring person . Laniya is always ready to fight somebody I wouldnt want to test her patients if I were you. laniya is a beautiful talented girl.
(Laniya just that bitch )
by crazy123345 November 17, 2018
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a very beautiful lady who's very smart and educational but also is a freaky woman who likes sucking and riding dick on daily basis with her best bitches.
LaNiya is just that bitch
by L for lemon October 05, 2018
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Laniya is a smart funny,shy girl ,its not easy for her to get friends but she have some.She is sometimes disrespectful in all kinds of way but she can listen to music and read a book to calm down
Laniya is so smart in school but sometimes disrespectful but i give her space
by Cardi b the real b**tch March 18, 2019
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