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A Lüdia is a girl who dresses in dark clothes but doesn't listen to terrible death metal or "goth" music. She likes punk, God damn it. And she likes cute, girly things like fluffy socks and stuffed toys. She is also Queen Greb. Sometimes referred to as "greeb" for the giggles.
"Err, you fucking emo. Greb."
"That's Lüdia; that's Queen Greb."
by ALKALINEFR34K December 15, 2014
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Never trust her. She’ll make you think you’re friends, but the she’ll completely turn her back on you and try to make her life miserable. Everything she does is based on what she thinks others will think about it. If you think you know the most try hard girl ever when it comes to boys, try meeting a Ludia.
Girl #1: me and Ludia are such good friends!
Girl #2: just wait......
by apple567 February 09, 2018
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