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Kylesse is the best person you’ll ever meet. She has a hilarious, loving, caring, bitchy personality. She is great and if you step out of line you better run for your life because she will start swinging.

Kylesse is a loving person. She loves compliments about her outfits and she loves when boys like her. She is amazing and she has the best personality ever.

If you are ever having bad times call on Kylesse. She will fight a bitch if she has to. She is a shoulder that you can cry on. She will laugh at problems at sometimes but other times she will get really serious.

If you step outta line with Kylesse then you better run as fast as you can. She will start swinging and will not stop. She will yell and stuff and if you see her start crying while she’s yelling you better run your ass across the platform that you guys are on.

If you ever see Kylesse cry ask what’s wrong. If she says that nothings wrong, leave her be don’t keep asking because that makes her even more mad. If you see her crying don’t give her a hug, give her food.

She is the most talented person you will ever meet. She’s amazing. So if you ever come across a Kylesse, friend her real quick right then and there.
Carlos: DAMNNNN who’s that fine ass girl over there!?!
Jacob: That must be Kylesse! Imma go talk to her.
Carlos: Good luck fam you’ll need it.
by yt.lynnique June 06, 2018
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