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alternate form of the modern day hipster. a faux hippy. an individual seeming to embrace the "peace-love-happiness" stance of the 60's but who is actually extremely judgemental, conditional, and exclusive. they will look down on others for their "conventional" choices in lifestyle and work, siting they are conforming to "the man". it should be noted that most likely they were born in the 80's, live off their yuppy parents trust fund, and bought their hemp bracelets at urban outfitters. they may have a spiritual leader of some sort and consider themselves more evolved - transended - than the average joe.
david, a white 22 year old man from a subburb in boston, changed his name to some unpronouceable indian name, moved to northern california and recites spoken word poetry about the black mans strugle at coffee shops. he's a total kung fu bob marley.
by vvtrippple April 11, 2008
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