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Referring to a couple that is True love :) named after a couple that dated back in the days of castles and kingdoms, forever and ever no mater what . The moon and stars live in them forever ,white roses butterflies and everlasting love is something they have establish. legend says about a princess and prince so in love named kristi and Louie and both lived 109 years old.its been said they never said bye to each other even when they passed away they didn't say goodbye. If you see an old couple who have loved each other since the first day they met and love has been perfect filled with memories and happy tears . You call them kristi and Louie
Kristi and Louie is perfect love? Yes indeed :)

My parents are kristi and Louie

They have been married 79 years

It's really hard to find a real kristi and Louie in the 21st century

We love each other so much but we always fight our love is not kristi and Louie

The world needs more kristi's and more Louie's more true love

Louie loved/loves kristi more than Romeo loved Juliet because he is still loving kristi in heaven/their love ingraved in the moon and stars forever
by Luna19 August 30, 2013
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