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A pretentious girl with the face of a classic hag aka comical witch with a fat nose and pointy chin like in the children's tale Hansel and Gretel.

A kraken queen is also a master in the art of whoreism posting nude photos online to bait men and women into sleeping with her and occasionally will turn on them and make accusations of rape because she later regrets sleeping with them therefore it was rape.

A kraken queen also has a vagina that is so saggy and wrinkled that when she dances around in the buff it dangles in a hypnotic way to entice her prey, it also smells like an old gym bag so she frequently will douce herself in cheap perfume to cover it up.

A kraken queen is also a woman who is a social manipulator who will befriend anyone who she thinks will up her social status and she will try and gain a close relationship through sexual favors or materialistic items, but don't be fooled it's only because she wants something from you and once she gets it she will lie about you in attempts to turn people against you.

A kraken queen will also lie about anything if it will help her to appear to be a decent person, but she is nothing but a slimy, pretentious, scum sucking, ugly, mega whore with a vagina as deep as the ocean she crawled out of, so remember kids if you see a kraken queen run for your lives.
That girl had so many people under her spell that she must be a kraken queen.

That girl was begging for attention like a kraken queen.

That whore on the corner looks like a kraken queen.

Why pay to see naked women when a kraken queen will do it for free.
by Willyyofro December 10, 2016
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