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The epitome of cancer, but in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer. These Turkish pillocks are the people who (usually) hack money into their game then ram genuine good players off the road with their shitty Skodas or their loaned Renault trucks. These baklava biting bastards are to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer what Russians are to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: avoid them at all costs.
Genuine Trucker 1: Where you off to dude?
Genuine Trucker 2: Oh, just Duisb-
Kosher Kebab Kunt: *rams Genuine Trucker 2*
Genuine Trucker 2: Oh my god FUCK OFF, I can't stand you dumbass kosher kebab kunts!!
Genuine Trucker 1: *reports Kosher Kebab Kunt*

5 minutes later...

System: No action was taken against player Kosher Kebab Kunt 1633.
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by JakeM2436 June 21, 2018
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