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A "game" in which urban youths run up to unsuspecting victims and attempt to render them unconscious with a "knock out punch", usually from behind.
Also, a game in which urban youths get shot dead by law-abiding citizens who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The body count of these urban youths is expected to climb, as more and more of these dumbasses try to play this "game".
(as heard on a news report): Today, another young black teenager, aka thug, died of wounds he received after being shot trying to play the "knock-out game". He attempted to punch an elderly lady from behind, because he's a chicken-shit, but to his surprise, after she fell to the ground, she drew her gun and shot this piece of shit right in his fucking face. The woman claimed she will sue his mom and dad (if his mom even knows who the daddy is) for pain and suffering, as well as reimbursement for the rounds she used. God bless her!"
by Never a Victim November 22, 2013
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What dumb niggers from the hood play when they're not busy contemplating who their real father is. These fatherless monkeys will all band together like a bunch of cowards and gang up on an unsuspecting victim (who is usually white but sometimes can beJewish) and attempt to knock him/her out with a single punch. Being uneducated and just all around stupid, these young niggers will proceed to get caught and prosecuted because they thought it would be a good idea to post a video of the incident online.

In response to the growing number of knockout attacks, the white people have decided to bring back a classic game called Hang Em High.
Bill: Hey, Steve, have you heard of this new game that the niggers down in the hood are playing called the knockout game?
Steve: Yeah, those stupid apes think they're entitled to do whatever they want without any consequences. Tonight me and a few guys are planning on heading down there to play Hang Em High. You in?
Bill: Absolutely!!
by urbanninjanumber2 November 24, 2013
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Niggers are at it again. Violence against unsuspecting white victims, some being jewish. These dirty shitskins still think of themselves as victims of society and use this excuse to commit crime rather than attempt to become a productive part of the society they believe owes them everything for free. They are animals and must be dealt with as animals.
Knockout game has replaced flash mobs as a newer more violent method of crime against whites. They strike a victim unexpectedly without even giving him/her a chance for self defense. Niggers are a plague on society.
by A nigger Larry Major in Omaha November 19, 2013
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Here's a non racist definition. It's a game that originated from and played (but not exclusively) by urban youth and teenagers. These kids run up to and suckerpunch an unsuspecting individual from behind then they flee like cowards. The point of this "game" is to knockout the person. Kids are always inventing dumb shit. To those definitions that made this a racial thing, see my example. Two can play at this game.
(White guy): Those black teenagers playing the "Knockout Game" ought to be shot dead. They're terrorizing poor white people.
(Black guy): You mean the same way white people used to terrorize black people with the Mob Lynchings, the KKK burning crosses and intimidation, unfair trial proceedings, police brutality, the discrimination for work and housing, etc? Maybe you're forgetting about Segregation (separate but equal except not really) and the Jim Crow Laws.
(White guy): BUT...
(Black guy): What about how shitty things were for black people during slavery? White people have blood on their hands.
(White guy): I get your point but that's still no excuse.
(Black guy): It's IRONIC. White people like to deal it out but they lose their shit when they're on the receiving end. They say things like 'be a productive part of society' but then they hurl racism and discrimination at your face. They mock you and you're the butt of every joke. They invent racial slurs to make themselves feel better and to keep it going. After that, white people look the other way and tell you to quit acting like a victim of society. My only consoladation is knowing that from the 1600s to now, lots (and I mean millions) of racist white people have burned in HELL for ETERNITY for how they treated black people. They have all been condemned and punished for their SINS. God doesn't approve of RACISM.
by truthspeaker9 February 04, 2014
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