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Cut a knife in two, shove one end in your peehole and the other in your anus, fucking wildly back and forth.
So Jon was into some weird stuff, dude decided to perform a knife to split and needed Sarah's friend, Katie to join them. Katie willingly accepted as she was a bit of a urethraholic, but we'll get into that another time. He decided to go handle first on both sides, producing the knife blade ends' for his ladies. He got into a back and forth humping motion slaughtering Katie while she tried to suck his dick, turning it into a wildly bloody and gratuitous event. Sarah, on the other end, handled it like a fucking champ and went ass to ass with Jon until climaxing at a G-spot orgasm for several hours. She wiped her booty and rubbed the dirtied cloth on Jon's face asking, "Is that all you got for me, babe?"
by PGVaginamort November 23, 2016
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