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stuck up rich kids who live in big ass houses but never can enjoy it cause all kingwood kids care about is Money! sex and partying.
kingwood is the rich part of houston the upper class.
were the teens get everything they want (no lie)
the kids that dont even know what a toyota or nissan is cause they ALL drive bmw's. kingwood kids deff do not have manners and dont apreceate anything cause they get everything handed to them. if hollister needed new models come to kingwood 99% of girls wear only hollister and abercrombie and will Refuse to wear anything else.most all kingwood girls are know for being gorgeous,but there all dumb and play hard to get,not to mention they all cheat and are bitches. .Kingwood kids have more money than they need,(parents money) and there are alot of rich fags here.The teen society out there, in all means, is the most retarded, drama loving, hypocritical, attention whores you will ever encounter.kingwood high school just as well as kingwood park high school are very very competive when it comes to sports but kingwood park is just a clone of kingwood high however walk the halls and all you will see is sluts in short mini squirts just more stuck up bitches. friday and saturdays in kingwood consist of non stop partying and everyone knows everyones buissness here. its constent outgoing competion is kingwood. you will never have the best cause some kingwood kid will just come along with something better. kingwood is known for this if you were to go someware and tell them you were from kingwood there first impression would be stuck up rich bitch.
It really does deseve the tittle "the bubble" or Hotel california" only i think california kids are less stuck up then kingwood kids.
i can only hope they will grow up cause life isnt all that they think it is.
Named No.1 Snobbiest city in America by David Letterman. Town where all the high schoolers and middle schoolers are whores and money is everything.
kingwood kids 1: omggg i got a brand new lexus
kingwood kids 2: oh psh that was my last years car i drive a bmw now.
kingwood kids 1: whatever mine has 2 12's
kingwood kids 2: yeah well mine had 2"15's
by smayyla July 08, 2009
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