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A kinglord is somebody so gratuitously stupid/narcissitic/immature that, if they played online games, you would assume had a character with a name like 'kinglord.' A kinglord can also be somebody who has failed in some mundane task in such a way that causes one to question just how he fucked up as bad as he did.

One might use the term 'kinglord' in a similar manner to calling somebody a 'genius' or a 'champion' if you saw them back a car through a fence, or similar act of failure.
(Upon seeing a guy in a white tux walk in to the room with the ugliest date imaginable) Hey, check out that kinglord

Adrian is such a fucking kinglord, let's get wasted with him and watch him try and do a backflip off a wall
by Slotmachineaddiction April 12, 2017
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