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The act of being able to meditate on something, while smashing the hell out of something else, i.e. focusing on something positive, while literally destroying something negative (such as a word, scribbled on a plate).

Relaxation, elevation, focusing energy and letting go, in a safe and controlled environment, through physical exertion, destruction and vocalization, as opposed to insisting that meditation can only be done in an uncomfortably seated position, while chanting and breathing deeply.

Meditation for those of us who actually deal in reality and real feelings and emotions (like frustration and anger, as well as happiness and satisfaction), and can meditate any time, any place and any way we like.

Meditation for people who would rather take their stress out on some hapless inanimate object, than to cast the blame on someone else, like those self righteous shits do, while they breathe deeply, do yoga and eat tofu, as they point out how awful everyone else in the world is.
Steve: "Breathing deeply ten times just doesn't cut it for me any more. I need to step it up. I need to get real. I need some kinetic meditation. I'm going to go fuck some shit up, and get rid of some of this chip on my shoulder!"

Vanessa: "Hey, you know what? I know exactly where you can do that. It's this place called Sarah's Smash Shack, in San Diego!"
by GingerMac July 04, 2009
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