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Look into its fcking stunning sexy blue eyes and it will kill you and make you wanna keep that Lil panda.

And don't mess with it or get on its bad side;)

Stubborn Lil thing doesn't listen, ya gotta poke at it till it does, don't worry they don't bite. It's just as ADORABLE, loveable, cute and cuddle AS they r sassy, stubborn and short-tempered.

Once u find one You'll wanna do anything for it and stay by its side through any situation. it will do anything for u and anything to protect you including running away so u don't get hurt, don't let it run away cuz it might be gone forever, go chase it dont let it go no matter what.

It will make u laugh till ur stomach hurts, smile till your cheeks hurt and every time u see it you'll wanna jump on its back and kiss that Lil fckin cute panda all over
by Thin frozen water April 14, 2018
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