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to 'hang out' with your penis in something... usually a girl's mouth or vagina

similar to "rockin' out with my cock out" or "hangin' out with my wang out". except the penis is 'in' not 'out'
hey dude what are you doing with that girl?

not much, just kickin' it with my dick in it
by spencedub February 25, 2009
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Another fun filled way of expressing your current state of being. Usually, one who is on some kind of psychoactive chemical or a cocktail of mind altering substances. This term is used to express the lack of doing anything of importance when asked if you are busy or unavailable. This term originated in norther california and unfortunately has graced the ears of very few. i.e see "rocking out with my cock out" and "hanging out with my wang out". Society was in desperate need of a better way to express ones current state without resorting to overused, cliched terms from far too many movies.

This term was originally coined by a young man named Andrew Hopson. Growing increasingly fed up with hearing commonly overused saying some jack off hear on a movie, Andrew Hopson decided it was time for the world to have something better, funnier, and unique. Only the few who have been exposed to this wonderous play on words, dare try using it in everyday communication. Watch it pop up in a movie now and than it's no good. So is, the way of the world.
"Hey bro, what are u up to man?"
"Not a damn thing man, just "Kickin' it with my Dick in it!"
"Alright, well is it cool if I roll through?"
"yeah man, like I said, just chillin here at my spot"
"Alright bro, u got a 40 u can get rid of?"
"I'll have it ready when u get here brah"
"no worries brother"
"alright bud see u soon"
by TheBlindHouse88 November 28, 2011
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