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A name of a female girl that is sexually attracted to anything she lays eyes on, preferably men, though that won't stop a Khorey. Khorey's are known to attach to, and follow the one they choose to be their lover, even if the other partner does not agree, if you become friends with a Khorey, beware, they are highly sensitive about jokes, and their bodies, even though they have a natural habit of handing out nude images of themselves to all male, or female friends. The Khorey finds comfort in friends that wish to touch her vagina, or breasts. A Khorey usually have nipples about the size of sand dollars, though with that, comes large breasts. The Khorey is easily identified in an orgy by the small tuft of hair above their clitoris. Khorey's have talent at art, and usually drawing themselves much cuter, and thinner then they actually are, "Chibi" art is a specialty of the Khorey. Khorey's have a habit of leaving their friends to find better sexual partners. A Khorey goes into heat the mo
ment they are birthed, and remain that way for approximately four thousand years, one might say the Khorey is "Horny all the time" seeing as they only live the length of a human beings life.
Girl 1: "Ugh. I need to have sex right now!"
Girl 2: "Quit being a Khorey!"
by Doctor Sniggles November 25, 2013
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