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A thin guy with a huge penis, and an even bigger set of balls. Expert ant pleasing the ladies, and pissing the guys off. The one thing about a guy name kevin bowman is he can back it up both ways. The ladies will never for the sex and the guys will never forget the ass whooping. There funny guys, great to have around and will back you up in any fight. You cant find many guys that will be a better friend. The only bad thing about them is there short temper.
You know, Kevin bowman's the only guy i know that can fight and fuck in the same night.

Holly Shit!!! You see kevin bowman whoop that guys ass, then walk out with his girl.

Shit! Kevin bowman's talking to my girl, I really liked her too. Yeah there they go. That mother fucker!!!
by jersey girls united February 21, 2011
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