A super handsome boy usually has a large dick girls are always wanting dick picks from Kevin Dunn's. He's been hurt alot so you have to earn his trust. He loves to eat pussy especially the pussy of names that start withA,C,T,L he will mostly likely fall in love with one of them. He is most popular and wanted in his 10-11th grade. He is liked by many girls although so can be shy, they need for him to.give them a chance. It makes the women around him extremely happy when the get his hugs because there amazing. When he puts his hands by there waste it can easily get them wet. He is naturally a gentleman, loyal, and a chick magnetic
1. Oh my look at him he's so cute

2. Hes like a Kevin dunn

3. Omg your right!!!
by Hotbish0037 April 5, 2017
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