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These two are MEANT to be. This match usually has things holding them back but they work through it. They also define the definition of a cute couple! Even without eachother they are cute but when they are together it makes them EVEN CUTER! Once these two are together...breaking them up will be difficult no matter the circumstances. They love each-other a lot and they make sure they know that by expressing their love for each-other very often. Sometimes this couple can be considered a little clingy and maybe even a little cringy but honestly it doesn't bother them what the other people think. Usually haters will try to break them up by starting rumors but it doesn't work because they trust each other with anything. But my point is... you want your relationship to be like theirs,even if you wont it-mitt it!
Person 1:''How are they so cute?!"
Person 2:"They are so perfect for each other its kinda weird..."
Person 3:"They make me so jealous!"
Person 4: "Why cant me and my boyfriend be like Kevin and Summer?''
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