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kenna shae is a freakin drop dead gorgeous girl who every boy literally falls for. kenna shae likes to make a lot of jokes and is ready for anything to come right back at her, she loves doing sports and hopes to become a famous volleyball player someday! kenna shae has the prettiest smile and can always brighten someone’s day, she’s laughs all the times and flirts with the boys a little;) kenna shae is tall and has beautiful eyes, she’s loves being with her friends and her best friends are the luckiest people in the world! she loves to have fun and she always has other people’s backs, she can keep secrets every now and then but mainly her friends. kenna shae is a super popular girl but she doesn’t know it, she also has a lot of people that want to be her friend. she is super outgoing and crazy and lots to have sleepovers. all the boys ask her out and want to be with her, but she gets them a little pissed by says no;)) kenna shae is an amazing person, super funny and everyone wishes to be her!!
julia: I freakin wish I was kenna shae:/
amy: omg me too, she’s everything I could ever wish for:(
julia: omg same
by kenna shae May 02, 2018
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