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the best person in the world. she's the bestest friend a girl could have. she's always there when ur upset, lonely, or you just need someone to make you laugh and smile. she's perfect. all of the boys like her. she's talented, smart, gorgeous, beautiful, and crazy but in the best way. she's always there for you no matter what. if you do anything mean to her you will have to gain her trust back. she's very smart about that. but, once your friends again, your friendship will be even stronger. she's the perfect friend. if you spend time with her for a month or even a week, you will feel like u have known her your whole life. she's very truthful and trustworthy. you could ask her anything. and most importantly, she doesn't care what people say or think about her. if you are and you tell her what's on your mind/bothering you, she'll tell you to not care about what people say and to not want to be like everyone else. she's one of a kind. but most of all, she's my best friend. my world. ♡
kendall cossano
by baysmalls April 14, 2014
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