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He is a Black male named Travorious Gudger From the Heri. villas and projects of Apalachicola Fl. He is savage, athletic, funny, reckless, a gentleman to girls, known for shootings, all about money he says" if u ain't getting no money I consider u broke thats funny", in 2012 he was in and out of minor and serious trouble. In 2016 he was the topic of Apalachicola, FL for a robbery of 2 12 gauge shotguns, 2 assault rifle's , and a stolen revolver, in result he ran away for a time period or 64 days was later found in projects of Apalachicola, FL he is someone that looks after him self and his family, in a police recording he says" I'm 74 till the world blow , i won't stop until I touch a mill, my GanG is a family what we do is necessary, I juss want all my folk strait 4's up if u don't stand fa sum u will fall fa anythinG believe that".
Kayshin is a real hitta don't mess wit him!!
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by City of Apalachicola August 21, 2017
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