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Okay, who can I describe Katherine Simpson? Well, she has a really low self esteem, and fragile emotions, but doesn't like to show it, becasue she hates being judged, or pitied. Thought of as perfect in many ways, but is unable to see herself that way. Carries a whole bunch of personal emotional bagage, but jumps at any chance to help other people. Puts other people before herself, always, because she sees almost everyone else as more worthy of praise, effort, recognition, or affection in general. Really smart, loves books, has her own quirky habits that other people don't always get. Simply wants to be told she can stop trying so hard, she doesn't have to be perfect, no one expects her to, and she is loved and appreciated the way she is.
"Katherine Simpson is a good friend, but man, have you seen how much time she spends with her nose in a book? It's almost impossible to talk to her if she's started something new."
by ElvishWizardOfDaria May 23, 2017
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