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A system by which seemingly magical improvements in one's life are given by mysterious forces in exchange for a sense of unease not unlike that given from selling one's soul, often actually (but not always) resulting in misfortune.

Taken from the Modest Mouse song "Karma's Payment" and the unfailingly portentious cynicism of Isaac Brock.

"Remember that huge freaking electrical storm we had a couple weeks back? I stood out in the middle of it on the roof of like this chicken coop and held a metal guitar above my head. I didn't get struck by lightning, but I suppose that's just because God has something special, something much, much worse that he's saving for me."
My car broke down out in the street
The radiator sprung a leak
I met this guy, he said he could help me
(I'm on the karma payment plan)
We went to his house and did some speed
He said karma would pay for this deed
He got it fixed and he
Started to scare me...
I ditched him eventually
And came back for the van
The next morning
(I'm on the karma payment plan)
I went to LA the next day I got
Jacked in a really bad way
I can't tell you...
It's a long story.
by Homunculus March 30, 2005
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