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Crazy, weird, annoying, sweet, nice, a twisted sence of humer, ect. ect. She likes to be mean but she also likes to be nice the same time, She would do you any favors for a little price and would occasionally keep a secret... It depends on what type of secret and from who aswell, She is known for her creepy activities from school and work yet is still fun to be around its better to just view her as a distant friend for your own safety and sanity. She could also be a fun person to go on roller coaster with and watch any type of movies too. She has many male characteristics but would love to go to the mall with you to go SHOPPING! But then again its not safe to get to know her to well, Bad things tend to happen to you and her.
Karen reyna is fun and all But she's too weird!
by Mew_Mew July 24, 2014
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