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They’re besftriends with completely different personalities. Kara is an amazing beautiful girl so happy and positive about life, won’t ever let you down always trying to make the world a better place, not to mention she’s incredibly hot and funny, she’s all you could ask for. On the other side with have her besfriend Sofia this girl who is honestly head over hills for her, she loves her like there’s no tomorrow and pretty sure she can’t live without a Kara in her life, she’s might me a little bit moody sometimes and act like she doesn’t care sometimes but when it comes to Kara let’s tell the truth, she’s as soft as a marshmallow. She’ll do anything to make her bestfriend happy.
The truth is this girls just complete each other and nothing will ever brake their friendship.
Those girls are amazing looks like they’re besfriends.
You know their names?
Idk but they must be Kara and Sofia can’t never brake them apart.
by Sofa25 July 25, 2018
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