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it is alternative to "candyman" intentionally spelled incorrectly also used as nickname for males with sweet talker, sexy appearance or a drug dealer. Not very common nickname, usually used by people who's name starts with letter 'K'. (kandy is also a city in central srilanka. Also used to refer a man from kandy city, srilanka )

kan-dy:"can-dee" (same as candy)

1st person: "yesterday i met a kandyman."
2nd person: "what?"
1st person: "i mean he was from kandy city in srilanka."


(christina aguilera - candyman song )
"He's a one stop shop, makes my cherry pop
He's a sweet-talkin', sugar coated candy man."
by Kandarp Gautam June 09, 2018
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anything but actual candy it usually has something to do with pedophiles.
Kandy man(baje): hey kids want some candy, it's in my van, which has no windows.
Kids: okay mister, i'll come to your van
by The Kandy Klown February 26, 2009
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