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Ka’Dee is a name of a loyal, sweet human being. Not many people prefer usin this name for one of their children. Ka’Dee, also known as, Katy and or Katie is known as a smart independent , beautiful woman with gratitude and power over all. She doesn’t like people correcting her but she will correct anyone who is incorrect. She is not afraid to fight when a serious out break occurs. Don’t ever let a Ka’Dee be your enemy. Be friends with Ka’Dee because not only is she a amazing friend, but she is also an outrageous girlfriend to have. She will never leave your side and she will always protect you through thick and then. Get you a Ka’Dee!
I would like to meet a Ka’Dee.
I love being friends with Ka’Dee.
Ka’Dee is a loyal girlfriend and I will always regret pushing her away.
by Emily Marie June 13, 2018
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