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a disease where u are addicted to watching korean dramas. u breathe k-drama, u wake up to k-drama, and you can't stop thinking about k-drama.

when u can't think of doing anything else but watch korean dramas; or when you haven't watched korean dramas in a long time and u have the sudden urge to want to watch it again
instead of doing homeork, or being with your boyfriend, you'd rather sit in front of the computer screen to watch k-dramas.

boyfriend: "hey, wat r u doing?"

girlfriend: "oh, just watching this korean drama..OMG! u have to watch this with me! i just got to the part where Kim falls in love with Jim, but Jim is in love with Kim's best friend...and Jim doesn't know that Kim's best friend is already engaged to Jim's younger brother...omg...omg."

boyfriend: "uh..yeah, take some pills for your k-drama fever..i'll see u later"

girlfriend: "ok, bye!"
by beesting1 July 01, 2011
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