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anyone who has a hairstyle like Justin bieber. These people will deny liking justin bieber but if you actually knew the you would find out that they watch his videos online and love his music. these people can aften be caught humming the tune to "baby baby baby"
wow, that guy is such a justin bieber wanna be in denial
by bambambam321 July 11, 2010
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Any male that has his hair styled like Justin Bieber has. This is a recognizable haircut that is known to request attention in the most vulgar of thinkable ways, similar to the female counterpart of wearing a moist, white shirt with no bra or anything comparable underneath it. This person has chosen for this haircut with an obvious, yet deluded desire to obtain girls' appeal and often ends up as one of the most extensively homosexual buttholes within at least a 23,019 mile radius from their given location. In short, someone who inappropriately desires to be as similar to Justin Bieber in appearence and reputation as possible, yet not admitting it.
-Excuse me son, but what happened to your head?

-Are you talking about my haircut? Oh well, I have been walking around like this for a while now, and I have chosen for this hairstyle just because I like it myself. It's not that I think it will suddenly make me sexually attractive to girls. And did I mention that I find Justin Bieber very stupid?

-Are you sure you are not a justin bieber wanna be in denial? I mean, you both appear to be quite faggy. And since you claim to have heard of Justin Bieber there is no other option than that you have thought of Justin Bieber at the moment you went for this haircut and must have seen what kind of person you would turn into. I mean, since that haircut of his is quite remarkable...

-Of course not, grampa! I just have this haircut because I'm trying to be different from all those other boys.
by DrsJacksonn August 16, 2010
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