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A person of any age who is mentally fossilised, cautious, brain-dead, dull, unimaginative, dinosauric, living in the past, not with-it, or has lost his marbles. Someone who is uncomfortable with the age of the Internet and mobile phones and still communicates by snail mail and gets his information from the library. A dodo.
Named after Jurassic Park, the film, and the coastline in Dorset, England, now known too as Jurassic Park, with its ammonites and other fossils. An inhabitant of Lyme Regis, Dorset. Fossil Hunters.
A horde of Jurassic Parkers got off the coach for a 'pit-stop'.
Strung out a long the beach, armed with geological hammers and backpacks,were a dozen keen Jurassic Parkers examining the rocks for ammonites they could take home for the mantlepiece.
He stood scratching his head in bewilderment and chuntering to himself about the need to check it all again - a Jurassic Parker in complete faff mode. The group left without him.
by Henley July 28, 2007
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